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Monday, November 30, 2009

Green, Pink, and Yellow

Can you name the colors in English?
Yes,you're right.
Blue,red,yellow,and so on.

One day, an English teacher was explaining about colors to her students.
After she had finished explainimg,she asked his students.

"who can make a sentence using the words green,pink,and yellow?"

James,the smartest student in the class,quickly raised his hand and answered,
"when the yellow morning sun comes, I see a beautiful girl wearing a pink blouse walking through the green grass"

"excellent ! James,you are very good student" said the teacher.

"me,me,Mam" Jhony,the naughtiest student in the class said while raising his hand.
And then he said,
"I heard the telephone ringing green... green... then I pink up the receiver and I said, yellow,who's speaking there?".


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